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Pokemon Go Launches in Hindi, Plans Month-Long Event for Indian Players

The highly popular game, Pokemon Go, has launched in Hindi, allowing Indian players to enjoy a whole new experience in their native language. In addition to the language update, more than 800 Pokemon have been renamed in Hindi to make them more relatable to Indian fans. This move is seen as a commitment by The Pokemon Company to the Indian market, aiming to further engage and include the growing gaming audience in the country.

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, remains dedicated to fostering a global gaming community that transcends boundaries. The addition of Hindi language support is a testament to their commitment to India and its rapidly increasing gaming audience. Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has added over five lakh Pokéstops across India and has organized numerous on-ground activations to connect with players. The Hindi version of the game is expected to widen the audience base even further.

To celebrate the launch in Hindi and engage Indian players, Niantic has announced a month-long special event called Pokemon Go Mela. The event will take place at Mall of India, Noida, DLF Saket, and DLF Promenade in November and December. It will feature exciting in-game features like Field Research, Timed Research, and Bonuses with special rewards.

Moreover, Pokemon Go has restructured the pricing for coin bundles on the Google Play and Apple Stores, specifically for Indian players. This step aims to provide a more accessible and affordable gaming experience for Indian fans.

Takato Utsunomiya, COO of The Pokemon Company, expressed his excitement about the launch in Hindi and emphasized India's importance as one of their key markets. He stated that they aim to firmly establish themselves in India and enrich the Pokemon world together with the fan community.

Overall, the addition of Hindi language support and the month-long event demonstrate Niantic and The Pokemon Company's commitment to India and their dedication to providing an inclusive and engaging gaming experience for Indian players.

– Pokemon Go: A popular augmented reality mobile game where players can capture, battle, and train virtual creatures called Pokemon in real-world locations.
– Hindi: An Indo-Aryan language spoken primarily in India, with a large number of speakers worldwide.
– The Pokemon Company: A company responsible for managing and licensing the Pokemon franchise, including video games, trading card games, movies, and more.

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