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Pokemon GO October 2023 Timburr Community Day: What You Need to Know

Niantic has confirmed that the October 2023 Community Day feature in Pokemon GO will revolve around Timburr, offering trainers exciting opportunities to catch this Pokemon and enjoy various bonuses.

Taking place on Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time, the event will see an increased spawn rate of Timburr in the wild. Additionally, lucky trainers might even encounter a Shiny Timburr during their adventures.

One of the highlights of the October 2023 Timburr Community Day is the featured attack. Evolving Gurddur, Timburr's evolution, either during the event or within five hours after it ends, will grant players a Conkeldurr with the Charged Attack Brutal Swing. This attack has 65 power in Trainer Battles and 65 power in Gyms and Raids.

Trainers can also look forward to several event bonuses during the Community Day. These include 3× Stardust for catching Pokemon, 2× Candy for catching Pokemon, and a 2× chance for Trainers level 31 and above to receive Candy XL from catching Pokemon. Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours, and Incense activated during the event will also have a three-hour duration.

During the event, players can engage in Special Trades, with the opportunity to make one additional Special Trade for a maximum of two for the day. The Stardust cost of these trades will be reduced by 50% during the event.

By purchasing a ticket for US$1 (or its local currency equivalent) from the in-game shop, players can access the Timburr Community Day Special Research story. This research will provide exclusive rewards such as Timburr encounters, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and more. Trainers can also come across event-themed Field Research tasks with various rewards.

Furthermore, from 5 PM to 10 PM local time on the Community Day, players will have the chance to participate in bonus 4-star raid battles featuring Gurdurr. Defeating Gurdurr in these in-person raids will result in Timburr spawning for half an hour around the defeated gym.

With its exciting offerings, the October 2023 Timburr Community Day is set to be an eventful and rewarding experience for Pokemon GO trainers around the world.

– Community Day: A special event in Pokemon GO where a specific Pokemon takes the spotlight for a limited time, offering trainers various bonuses and special features.
– Timburr: A Pokemon species in Pokemon GO that evolves into Gurddur.
– Conkeldurr: The evolution of Gurddur in Pokemon GO.
– Charged Attack: A powerful move that is used in battles against other Pokemon.
– Shiny Pokemon: A rare variation of a specific Pokemon with different colors and appearance.
– Stardust: A in-game currency in Pokemon Go used for various purposes such as powering up and evolving Pokemon.
– Candy: Items obtained in Pokemon GO that are used to power up and evolve Pokemon.
– Raid Battles: Cooperative gameplay feature in Pokemon GO where players team up to battle and capture powerful Pokemon.
– Gym: In-game locations in Pokemon GO where players can challenge and defend with their Pokemon.
– Special Research: In-depth quests in Pokemon GO that offer unique rewards and storylines.
– Field Research: Short-term quests in Pokemon GO that can be completed by interacting with PokeStops and Gyms.

– Ashmita Bhatt, Sportskeeda