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Pokemon Go Players Call for Removal of Daily Battle Limit in Go Battle League

Pokemon Go players are voicing their desire for a change in the Go Battle League that would remove the daily battle limit. Many players are questioning why this cap exists in the first place.

Since its introduction in early 2020, Pokemon Go has had a history of competitive PvP, with various unique cups and restrictions being added to enhance the experience. Trainers are required to catch and level up Pokemon with specific IVs, CPs, and movesets to compete effectively in the dedicated PvP meta.

However, there are perceived flaws in the current system that players want to see reworked for a more enjoyable competitive experience. Expressing their frustration on Reddit, one player shared a screenshot showing the daily battle limit preventing them from continuing to play the game.

The sentiment resonated with other trainers who also expressed their frustration, calling for the removal of the daily battle limit. Some players suggested that while the limit could be removed, there could still be a restriction on rewards after completing a certain number of battles.

However, not everyone agreed with the call for removing the daily battle limit. One player defended the limit, stating that it prevents players from obtaining an excessive amount of rewards in a single day and allows them to feel like they have accomplished everything possible.

As of September 21, the Go Battle League allows players to complete 5 sets of battles per day, which translates to 30 battles in total. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has not provided an official explanation for the existence of this cap. The most popular theories among the community are that it either limits rewards or prevents server overload.

In conclusion, Pokemon Go players are eagerly calling for the removal of the daily battle limit in the Go Battle League. While some appreciate the limit as a way to prevent excessive rewards, others believe it hinders their ability to enjoy the game fully. Niantic has yet to provide an official explanation for the cap, leaving players to speculate on its purpose.

Source: Kurt Perry