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Pokemon Go Players Suggest Berry Blender to Remove Excess Berries from Inventory

A Pokemon Go player has come up with a clever solution to address the issue of excess berries in the game. This suggestion has been well-received by the Pokemon Go Reddit community, known for sharing ideas and engaging with players.

The Reddit user BaronVonPingas proposed the idea of a berry blender that would allow players to combine Razz and Nanab berries to create new berries or combine multiple berries at once to create larger, more effective versions. The purpose of this blender would be to eliminate the need for players to dump excess berries into gyms just for stardust.

The excess of berries in inventories has been a longstanding problem since the beginning of the game. Given their high drop rate, berries tend to accumulate quickly, leaving players with no choice but to get rid of them to free up space. The community has shown overwhelming agreement with the suggestion, considering it one of the best ideas proposed.

While it's unlikely that the Pokemon Go developers will implement fan-made ideas like the berry blender, players continue to rally behind the concept. The suggestion has sparked enthusiasm among players, who are eager for a solution to the berry excess issue.

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– BaronVonPingas, Reddit user (source of the berry blender suggestion)
– Pokemon Go Reddit community (overall source of information and ideas)