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Pokemon Go Trainer Rescues Long-Term Gym Defender

A compassionate Pokemon Go player recently came to the rescue of a “poor fish” Pokemon that had been guarding a Gym location for over a year. In the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, Gyms are hotspots where members of different teams can place their Pokemon to defend against challengers from opposing teams.

While Gyms can sometimes be fiercely contested, other times, Pokemon can remain undisturbed for long periods. This particular gym defender, a Finneon with a meager CP of 139, had been dutifully guarding a Gym for a remarkable 411 days straight.

The incident was shared on the Pokemon Go subreddit, where the trainer posted a screenshot showcasing the tireless efforts of the Finneon. Filled with empathy, the trainer decided to “send him home” and replace the Finneon with their own, a Tauros.

Fellow trainers on the subreddit were impressed by the trainer's discovery of a Gym that had remained untouched for such a long time. Some expressed hesitation in removing a Pokemon that had been in a Gym for so long, while others shared their own stories of unexpected Gym stays.

The hope now is that the retired Finneon can enjoy a well-deserved retirement after its extended period of service. With the Tauros taking over, the Gym will have a new defender, continuing the cycle of competition and camaraderie in the Pokemon Go community.

– Pokemon Go subreddit