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Pokemon Go Trainers Criticize “Clickbait” Name of In-Game Box

Pokemon Go trainers are expressing their dissatisfaction with one of the in-game boxes called the “Great Storage Box” due to its misleading name. The in-game Shop offers a variety of different boxes that contain bundled items for players.

Although some of these box bundles provide attractive deals, many players are often disappointed by the offerings in the Shop. The “Great Storage Box” has recently come under fire, with trainers accusing it of being “clickbait” due to the limited storage upgrade it provides.

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit brought attention to the box, with the OP sharing a screenshot of its contents. The box included 3 Premium Battle Passes, 3 Super Incubators, and only 1 Pokemon Storage Upgrade. Trainers were unhappy with the fact that the “Great Storage Box” only offered a single storage upgrade along with unrelated items.

While some players argued that the box was still a decent deal considering the Coins spent, the name itself was considered misleading. There were comments stating that the box was useful for completing certain tasks in the game but criticized the naming choice as “utterly stupid.”

Calculations were provided by a trainer in the replies, breaking down the individual cost of each item. Although the box offered reasonable value, some players still felt disappointed when they encountered it in the Shop.

It remains to be seen if Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, will release a genuinely impressive “Great Storage Box” as the Adventures Abound season continues.

– Pokemon Go subreddit