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Pokémon GO Updates: Psychic Spectacular, Grubbin Community Day, and More!

This week in Pokémon GO is set to be filled with exciting events and updates. From the return of the Psychic Spectacular event to the Grubbin Community Day, trainers have plenty of reasons to get out and explore.

Starting on September 20, 2023, the Psychic Spectacular event will be back. During this event, shiny Solosis will make its debut, and Psychic type Pokémon will be more common in the wild, raids, and 7km eggs. It's a great opportunity for trainers to catch some rare Pokémon and add them to their collection.

On September 23, the Grubbin Community Day will take place. Trainers can enjoy triple XP and have the chance to catch a brand new shiny Pokémon, Vikavolt. In addition, Vikavolt will be able to learn the fast attack Volt Switch, making it even more powerful in battles.

For trainers looking for a new adventure, the Adventures Abound Special Research will be available. This Special Research story offers branching paths and allows trainers to choose their Paldean partner Pokémon. It's a great way to bond with a chosen Pokémon and embark on an exciting journey together. The Special Research can be claimed for free from September 5 to December 1, 2023.

Trainers who are up for a challenge can take part in the Timed Investigation: Master Ball. This lengthy series of challenges offers some of the rarest rewards in Pokémon GO. By completing the Timed Investigation by November 21, 2023, trainers can receive the ultimate Poké Ball—the Master Ball. This powerful ball guarantees catching any Pokémon without fail.

The GO Battle League Season 16, titled Adventures Abound, will start on September 1, 2023. Trainers can compete in battles and climb the ranks to earn rewards. Throughout the season, different leagues and cups will be featured, giving trainers a chance to showcase their skills.

In addition to these events, there will be spotlight hours featuring Girafarig, PokéStop showcases, raids, and more. The Season of Adventures Abound also brings bonuses such as increased damage in raids with friends, increased XP from going up Friendship levels, and increased capacity for holding and opening Gifts.

With all these exciting updates, Pokémon GO trainers have a lot to look forward to. It's a great time to get out and explore, catch some rare Pokémon, and enjoy the adventures that await.

– Psychic Spectacular: An event in Pokémon GO where Psychic type Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild, raids, and eggs.
– Grubbin Community Day: A special day in Pokémon GO where trainers can catch a specific Pokémon and enjoy various bonuses.
– Adventures Abound: The theme of the current season in Pokémon GO, bringing new events and features for trainers to enjoy.
– Timed Investigation: A series of challenges in Pokémon GO that must be completed within a set period of time to earn rare rewards.
– Master Ball: The ultimate Poké Ball in Pokémon GO, which guarantees catching any encountered Pokémon without fail.
– GO Battle League: A competitive battle mode in Pokémon GO where trainers can earn rewards and increase their ranking.
– Spotlight Hour: A weekly event in Pokémon GO where a specific Pokémon appears more frequently for one hour.
– PokéStop showcases: Special in-game events where certain PokéStops offer additional rewards or features.
– Raids: Special battles in Pokémon GO where trainers can team up to defeat powerful Pokémon and earn rewards.
– Season of Adventures Abound: The current season in Pokémon GO, offering themed events, bonuses, and features.

Source: Pokémon GO official website.