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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update 2.0.2 Planned for October

A new update is in the works for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, taking the games up to version 2.0.2. Expected to go live in October, this update aims to address a few minor bugs that may hinder progression and interaction with Pokemon Home.

One bug that will be fixed is an issue where, under certain conditions, winning against a trainer in the game may not be recorded. Consequently, players may not receive rewards for winning a certain number of battles against trainers in the field, such as Pokemon League employees or Demon Masks of Kitakami Village.

Additionally, there was a problem with bringing a special Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME. In earlier versions of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, version 1.3.2 or earlier, this process could result in the target Pokemon being brought in, even if it had already been obtained in the game.

While these bugs may seem minor, they can impact players' progress and the overall gaming experience. By identifying and addressing these issues, the developers aim to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players.

As of now, full details of the update have not been disclosed. Pokemon fans and gamers can look forward to the release of the update in October, which will hopefully improve the overall quality of gameplay and ensure a more seamless interaction with Pokemon Home.

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