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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Disappointed by Ineffective “Skip Cutscenes” Option

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise, takes players on a journey through the Paldea region, inspired by Spain. The game features stunning scenery and cinematic cutscenes with panoramic views.

However, players have recently discovered that the “Skip Cutscenes” option in the game's settings menu does not work as expected. Despite enabling this feature, players are unable to skip the majority of cutscenes in the game.

Many players are frustrated by this discovery, as they had hoped to replay the game without being interrupted by lengthy cutscenes. It seems that Game Freak, the developer of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, has a different perspective on the importance of this feature.

Reddit user ‘Lvl_XXiii' expressed their disappointment, labeling the “Skip Cutscenes” option as “the most useless feature in these games.” Another user, ‘Amaee,' had a similar experience, stating that they had checked their settings multiple times before resorting to Google for answers.

Game Freak and Nintendo are well-known for their games' long cutscenes and extensive dialogue. Unfortunately, it appears that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet follows this trend.

Meanwhile, Game Freak is preparing to release the game's first DLC, titled “The Teal Mask.” Fans eagerly anticipate the addition of new Pokemon to the game.