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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Teaser Introduces New Tera Type

Last weekend, The Pokémon Company unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming game Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero part two, showcasing a new Tera Type. Nintendo has now teased this nineteenth Tera Type on social media, hinting that it differs from the previous eighteen Tera Types.

The trailer reveals that this new Tera Type, referred to as the 19th Terrestallisation, is somehow connected to all the existing Tera Types. Viewers can catch a glimpse of this moment in the trailer around the 2-minute mark. However, it won't be available until the release of the second DLC.

In addition to introducing the new Tera Type, the trailer also announces the return of starters from previous generations and promises more exciting features to come.

Fans of the Pokémon series are invited to share their thoughts and speculations about this mysterious new Tera Type.