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Pokemon Unite September 2023 Tier List: Which Pokemon to Play and Avoid

The meta in Pokemon Unite is expected to undergo significant changes this month. While some players believe that the game is currently unbalanced, with very few updates or hotfixes, the development team seems determined to maintain the status quo. This presents an opportunity for players to take advantage of overpowered creatures before they receive nerfs. Understanding September's tier list can help players determine which Pokemon to play and which to avoid in ranked mode.

In the SS-Tier category, Mewtwo reigns supreme. Mewtwo's two forms, Mega X and Mega Y, both possess incredible stats and movesets, making them overpowered choices in the game. Despite the possibility of future balancing, Mewtwo is expected to remain strong even after adjustments.

The S-Tier includes Legendary Pokemon such as Urshifu, Zacian, Lapras, Comfey, Slowbro, and Hoopa. These Pokemon have been in the game longer than Mewtwo, allowing developers more time to balance them. While still powerful, they have more counterplay options compared to the SS-Tier.

Moving down to the A-Tier, players will find well-balanced Pokemon that have been in the game for some time. This tier includes characters like Dodrio, Blastoise, Blissey, Clefable, and Alolan Ninetales. These Pokemon are suitable for any team composition and have fair counterplay options.

In the B-Tier, players will encounter Pikachu, Sableye, Absol, and Buzzwole. While these Pokemon are balanced, they require more experience and practice to be effective. Newcomers may want to avoid them initially.

Lastly, in the C-Tier, Pokemon like Charizard, Dragonite, Duraludon, and Garchomp reside. While not bad choices, they have been outclassed by newer and stronger characters in the roster. Players who have mastered these Pokemon can still excel, but new players are advised to steer clear of them.

Understanding the current tier list allows players to make informed decisions on which Pokemon to play and avoid in Pokemon Unite. By capitalizing on the strengths of overpowered Pokemon and learning how to counter strong opponents, players can increase their chances of success in ranked matches.

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