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Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed Scams a Fortnite Scammer in Epic Showdown

In a recent livestream, famous YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” encountered a potential scammer while playing Fortnite's PvE mode. The player, known as IShowPurp, initially trolled IShowSpeed until the streamer became furious and seemed to call someone to get the scammer banned. However, IShowSpeed turned the tables on the scammer and trapped him in a cunning move.

The incident gained significant attention on social media after a clip of IShowSpeed mocking the furious scammer went viral. IShowSpeed can be heard gleefully exclaiming, “Scammers get scammed.” The clip showcases the YouTuber successfully scamming the scammer by taking control of the party and confiscating the weapons dropped by IShowPurp.

It's important to note that IShowPurp initially tried to scam IShowSpeed by holding his weapons hostage. In Fortnite's PvE mode, dropped items can be collected by other players, causing the original owner to lose them. However, when IShowSpeed threatened to use his influence as a popular content creator to get the scammer banned, IShowPurp relinquished party leadership, giving IShowSpeed control over the base building.

Using a similar tactic, IShowSpeed expertly trapped IShowPurp with a wall and took back all of his weapons. While some viewers speculate that the incident may have been staged, as IShowSpeed is known for playing pranks, it nevertheless garnered significant attention and admiration from fans.

IShowSpeed himself has faced accusations of being involved in scam-related activities in the past due to his association with a shady crypto business. However, the YouTuber distanced himself from the group and apologized to his viewers for promoting a problematic product.

Overall, the epic showdown between IShowSpeed and the Fortnite scammer showcases the YouTuber's cleverness in turning the tables and reclaiming his lost weapons. It serves as a reminder to viewers that scammers may not always succeed in their deceitful endeavors.

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