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Providence Friars Welcome Prospective Players for Late Night Madness

The Providence Friars are gearing up for their annual Late Night Madness event, where they will be showcasing their program to potential recruits. One of these recruits is Ryan Mela, a native of Natick, Massachusetts, who has already committed to the Friars. He will be attending the event with a sense of excitement and anticipation, knowing that he will officially be joining the team next year.

Mela expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “To hang out with the coaches and players, I’m excited knowing that I’m going there. I can enjoy a fun event. It’s going to be a nice big welcome and make me even more excited to go next year.”

Another player who will be attending Late Night Madness is Collins Chidera, Mela's teammate at The Newman School. Both players have seen the Friar coaches visiting their school for open gym workouts, and Mela has been encouraging Chidera to commit to Providence College as well.

In addition to Mela and Chidera, Nigel James, a prospect from Long Island Lutheran, will also be in attendance. James visited PC over the summer and has received an offer from the Friars. Providence has also extended offers to three of James' teammates.

John Buck, head coach at Long Island Lutheran, spoke highly of the Friar coaches and their efforts to recruit players from the Northeast. He highlighted their hunger and aggressiveness in pursuing talented recruits, and mentioned that the visit this weekend will give James an authentic experience of the Friar fan base.

Late Night Madness is an exciting event for both the Providence Friars and the prospective players. It allows the recruits to get a glimpse of the program and to interact with the coaches and players. For players like Mela, who have already committed to the team, it is a chance to further solidify their decision and increase their excitement for the upcoming season.

Late Night Madness: An annual event held by college basketball programs to celebrate the start of the season and showcase the program to fans and recruits.
Commitment: A verbal agreement to join a college sports team.
Prospects: Potential recruits who are being considered for a college sports team.
Offer: A formal invitation to join a college sports team.

– Brendan McGair, X, formerly Twitter