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PSVR 2 Gets Closer to Playing PC VR Games with iVRy Project

Efforts to allow PSVR 2 owners to play PC VR games are moving forward thanks to the iVRy project. The project recently unlocked the headset's outer cameras for room-scale tracking, bringing gamers one step closer to a viable workaround.

Earlier this year, the hacking of PSVR 2 was put on hold, disappointing those who wanted to play PC VR-exclusive titles like Half-Life: Alyx or social apps such as Bigscreen and VRChat. However, development quickly resumed when iVRy opened a Patreon to fund further progress.

After 143 days of development, iVRy announced some new milestones on Twitter. The project now has access to PSVR 2's 6DOF SLAM tracking, 3DOF IMU tracking, proximity sensor, raw stereo camera data, and distortion-corrected passthrough stereo camera data.

Now, the focus is on understanding the PSVR 2 data and implementing it into the driver's code. The creator of iVRy stated that the project has already cost over $13,000 in equipment and software, as well as hundreds of hours of work. They have utilized custom sniffer boards and emulator boards to achieve progress.

While PC VR content has been successfully booted up on PSVR 2 in the lab, making this functionality available to the public is a major challenge. The software is currently dependent on a non-existent hardware adapter, making it unusable for anyone without it. The creator mentioned the possibility of a limited run of reference adapters being offered to Patreon supporters.

Additionally, work on PSVR 2's optically-tracked Sense controllers has just begun. The reverse engineering process for these controllers is expected to be complex and time-consuming.

So, although progress is being made, it may still be a while before a software download is available to fully enable PC VR gaming on PSVR 2. Updates on the project are shared through the Patreon page and Twitter account of iVRy.