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Purdue Northwest Esports Partners with Indiana Esports Network to Host High School Fortnite Competitions

Purdue Northwest Esports has teamed up with the Indiana Esports Network (IEN) to organize Fortnite tournaments for high school and middle school students in Indiana. The matches will take place remotely and will be live-streamed on the Purdue Northwest Esports Twitch page. This partnership aims to provide an opportunity for students in the Northwest Indiana community to showcase their skills, while also fostering social growth and developing important 21st-century skills.

By partnering with IEN, Purdue Northwest Esports is able to engage students who may not be involved in traditional athletics or after-school activities. The goal is to give these students a platform to compete and excel in a digital environment that they are passionate about. Through this initiative, students will have the chance to demonstrate their abilities in Fortnite, a popular online multiplayer game.

The competitions will be held on the Purdue Northwest campus, with students from the Hammond and Westville Esports arenas encouraged to participate. This encourages local students to get involved and take advantage of the resources available to them.

The matches will not only provide a competitive environment but also an opportunity for students to interact with their peers and develop important social skills. In addition, students will be able to enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities through strategic gameplay.

Overall, the partnership between Purdue Northwest Esports and the Indiana Esports Network is an exciting opportunity for students in Indiana to engage in competitive gaming and develop valuable skills for the future.

Source: Purdue University Northwest