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Rare Announces Private Servers and Other Updates for Sea of Thieves in Season 10

In exciting news for Sea of Thieves players, Rare has announced that it will be adding private servers to the game starting in December as part of Season 10. This means that a crew of up to four players will be able to explore the world without the fear of PvP encounters.

Season 10 will kick off on October 19th and will introduce a major new feature each month until the end of 2024. The first update in October will introduce Guilds, which will allow players to form meaningful bonds beyond their immediate crew. Any player who has reached Captain status and has their own ship can start a guild, which can support up to 24 invited players. Guild members will be able to pledge their ships for use by other members while they're offline, allowing for collaboration and progression even when the owner is away.

November will bring a new competitive voyage type called The Skull of the Siren Song. This server-wide race will involve finding a treasure by following clues on two maps, one leading to the chest and the other to the key required to open it. The crew that retrieves both and turns in the skull will be rewarded, but the cursed nature of the skull will slow down the vessel that carries it, leading to potential chaos and battles between ships.

December will see the introduction of private servers, known as Safer Seas, as a complementary play option alongside the existing shared world mode. These private servers will allow up to three friends to play together without the constant threat of hostile crews. However, Safer Seas will have some restrictions and missing features, such as no access to Guilds or live-service events. Trading Company progression will also be capped at 40, preventing players from reaching Pirate Legend status. Additionally, the payout rate for reputation and gold will be significantly reduced in Safer Seas.

Despite these limitations, the addition of private servers is a highly anticipated update for Sea of Thieves players who prefer a more relaxed and PvE-focused experience. With Guilds, a competitive voyage, and private servers, Season 10 promises to bring a range of new and exciting content to the game.

– Sea of Thieves Season Ten Preview, Rare.