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Ratatan: A New Rhythm-Based Adventure Game Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a wide range of rhythm games, but one series that has never appeared on a Nintendo system is Patapon, published by Sony and originally released on the PSP. While it is unlikely that Patapon will make its way to the Switch, the development team has opened up funding for their next project, Ratatan, which serves as a spiritual successor to Patapon.

Ratatan is a rhythm-based side-scrolling adventure game where players take command of an army and lead them into battle against oncoming enemies by following the pulsating beat. Each Ratatan leader possesses unique skills, so players must combine rhythm controls and tactical thinking to minimize troop losses and achieve victory.

Developed by Ratata Arts, the team behind the original Patapon games, Ratatan has already surpassed its third stretch goal on Kickstarter, ensuring a release on the Switch. This combination of rhythm and side-scroller action game promises to deliver a delightful adventure for players.

In Ratatan, players can team up with friends for multiplayer mayhem suitable for up to four players. Engage in massive melee brawls with over 100 characters fighting for supremacy. Use rhythm commands in time with the music to direct your Ratatan army, strategically deciding where to give orders and when to attack or retreat. A sense of rhythm and strategy is crucial to survive and preserve your troops.

The game also features a Fever Mode, a staple of rhythm games, which enhances the gameplay experience. By staying in sync with the beat, players can enter FEVER MODE and witness dynamic changes in the background music while their Ratatan troops unleash a flurry of dance moves. If all players' parties enter FEVER MODE simultaneously, it creates a thrilling experience.

The Kickstarter campaign for Ratatan still has 30 days to go, with additional stretch goals and rewards for backers. While no release date has been announced yet, the prospect of Ratatan coming to the Nintendo Switch has gamers eagerly awaiting more news.

What are your thoughts on Ratatan? Are you excited for its release on the Switch? Let us know in the comments.