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Regigigas: The Legendary Pokémon with a Slow Start

Regigigas, a Legendary Pokémon from Generation IV, has been facing challenges due to its signature Ability Slow Start, which has hindered its success since its introduction in 2006. Despite being a normal-type titan with immense power, Regigigas's slow start ability lowers its attack and speed stats by half for the first five turns of a battle.

Abilities were added to the mainline Pokémon games in Generation III to give individual monsters unique traits beyond their stats and movesets. These passive traits can either give an advantage in battle or act as a hindrance. Legendary Pokémon are known for their exceptional power, but Regigigas seems to have been left behind in this regard.

Regigigas was introduced as the leader of Generation III's Legendary Titans in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, highlighting its status as a creator of powerful Pokémon. With a strong base attack stat of 160 and respectable speed and defensive stats, Regigigas should be a formidable opponent. It also possesses a diverse moveset with a variety of elemental typings.

However, the Slow Start ability prevents Regigigas from reaching its full potential until later in a battle. For the first five turns, its attack and speed are halved, making it vulnerable to attacks. This flaw significantly hampers Regigigas's competitiveness in battles and makes it difficult to utilize its raw power effectively.

Additionally, catching Regigigas poses its own challenges. Legendary Pokémon have higher catch rates, making encounters with them often prolonged battles. If it takes more than five turns to catch Regigigas, it can regain its full power and defeat your Pokémon before you have a chance to capture it.

Interestingly, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a recent single-player RPG, eliminated Abilities altogether. This raised hopes that Regigigas would be relieved of its slow start mechanic. However, Slow Start was repurposed as an exclusive status effect in the game, leaving Regigigas to endure its slow start even in the historical setting of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Regigigas's struggle highlights the need for more Legendary Pokémon to have weaknesses and limitations. While they are often portrayed as powerful forces of nature, it adds depth and humor to the franchise when some of these legendary creatures have quirks like Regigigas's slow start. It reminds us that even gods can have their off days.

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