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Remnant 2: A Dark Souls-Style Action Game with a Twist

Remnant 2 puts a unique spin on the Dark Souls-style action game genre by combining third-person shooter gameplay with a procedurally generated world. This formula was first introduced in the original Remnant game in 2019, but the sequel takes things to the next level with its current-gen only title status and the utilization of Unreal Engine 5 features and enhanced hardware capabilities of the PS5, Series X, and Series S consoles.

Visually, Remnant 2 impresses from the start. The tutorial area showcases a Last of Us-style post-apocalyptic city with stunning artwork, detailed assets, and advanced lighting that creates a captivating and immersive environment. However, the visuals in other locations vary, with some areas lacking the same level of visual richness and sophisticated lighting. This may be due to the absence of certain Unreal Engine 5 features like real-time global illumination and ray tracing effects. Nevertheless, the game makes up for it with the Nanite virtualized geometry system, which ensures smooth transitions and intricate details up-close.

The game's locations are generated procedurally, with some key areas remaining the same across multiple playthroughs while others change depending on the character you create. Some environmental blocks are visually appealing, while others may not be as captivating. This variety adds to the replayability of the game but can also make it feel less cohesive compared to other action titles.

Remnant 2 offers a visually polished experience, with high-quality environmental art and attention to detail. The lighting is well-done, enemies are visually interesting, and player animations are responsive. However, the game does have some minor issues, such as occlusion problems with screen-space effects and pared-back cutscenes with limited character animation and graphical artifacts.

On PS5 and Series X, Remnant 2 offers three modes: a 30fps quality mode, a 60fps balanced mode, and an unlocked performance mode. These modes primarily differ in graphical features rather than perceived resolution. The quality mode offers denser foliage, more detailed reflections, and higher resolution shadows.

Overall, Remnant 2 may not fully utilize Unreal Engine 5, but it is a visually appealing game that stands out among current-gen titles. Its unique blend of Dark Souls-style gameplay and third-person shooter mechanics, combined with its procedurally generated world, make it an interesting and engaging experience for players.