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Remnant 2 Receives Major Patch, Console Release Coming Soon

Developer Gunfire Games' procedurally generated fantasy shooter, Remnant 2, has achieved great success, selling over 1 million copies and receiving positive reviews within a week. Now, Gunfire has released its first major patch for the game, focusing on performance improvements, stability, and various quality of life enhancements. The patch is currently available on PC, with a console release planned in the near future pending approval from Sony and Microsoft.

Gunfire explains on their website that the initial pass of the update has focused on stability and performance across all platforms. The developer has addressed progression blockers, bugs, and implemented quality of life changes requested by the community.

The Remnant 2 patch notes highlight the initial optimizations aimed at improving overall performance. The update also includes fixes for hitching, potential crashes, and various reported crash bugs. Additionally, on PC, Gunfire has moved high detail shadows to a separate option that can be activated as needed.

Gunfire acknowledges that there are more improvements to be made, particularly with traits and long-term grinding. However, the current patch introduces changes to give players more freedom to experiment. These changes should make it easier for players to respec characters and provide more in-game currency, Scrap.

The developer clarifies that these are not the larger changes that have been discussed on Discord and Reddit but assures players that more fixes and quality of life features will be introduced in future updates.

Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake had high praise for Remnant 2, describing it as an ambitious sequel filled with delightful surprises. In her review, she expressed her desire to continue exploring the game, indicating a positive experience overall.

Overall, the first major patch for Remnant 2 aims to enhance performance, stability, and quality of life aspects. With the console release set to follow the PC update, players can expect continued improvements and updates to the game.