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Remnant 2 Update 384.210 Patch Notes – August 10

Remnant 2's latest update, version 384.210, brings several improvements and changes to the game. The patch notes include performance optimizations, difficulty adjustments, quality-of-life improvements, and balancing changes. One of the most significant balance changes is the buff to armors and dodges, making gameplay slightly easier and dodges more reliable.

The update also includes a long list of bug fixes across various areas of the game. Performance optimizations have been made to enhance overall gameplay experience. Several reported crash bugs have been addressed, and measures have been taken to fix the “GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread” crash.

In terms of achievements and difficulty rewards, the patch retroactively fixes several achievements that were not tracked correctly and several difficulty-based rewards. Players are advised to interact with the World Stone to unlock these rewards and achievements.

In terms of quality-of-life improvements, all unlocked Archetypes have been added to Wallace's inventory. Players who have converted Mysterious Items into Engrams will now be able to sell Secret Archetypes to Wallace for all future characters. Various NPCs and vending machines have been updated to ensure that they properly keep their items in stock. Additionally, the Damage Reduction calculation in Advanced Stats has been fixed to provide accurate information to players.

The update also brings balance changes to the game. Enemies' affixes such as Vicious, Spiteful, Thick Skin, and Hearty have been adjusted to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience. The damage reduction values for different armor types, including Light, Medium, and Ultra Heavy Armor, have been adjusted to provide appropriate protection. The evasive capabilities of different armor types have also been improved.

Furthermore, changes have been made to various gear, items, and enemies to fix issues and improve gameplay. Progression blockers related to certain NPCs and quests have been addressed. Bugs affecting Archetypes, gear, items, and enemy behavior have also been fixed.

Overall, the Remnant 2 update version 384.210 brings various improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes to enhance the gameplay experience for players.