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Resizable BAR Support Improves Starfield Performance on Nvidia Systems

A recent blog post by Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Burnes reveals that the latest game drivers now offer optimizations for Starfield on Nvidia systems. The update includes support for Resizable BAR, which improves performance by approximately 5% on average, based on Nvidia's testing with RTX 40 Series GPUs.

This news comes as a relief to gamers who have been struggling with subpar framerates on Starfield. Despite Bethesda Studio Head Todd Howard's claim that the game is optimized for PC, there has been room for improvement, particularly on Nvidia and Intel hardware. AMD users have already enjoyed some performance advantages thanks to early driver optimizations and features like Smart Access Memory.

It's worth noting that Starfield is an AMD-sponsored game primarily developed for AMD-based console hardware. This has posed a challenge for PC users, as Nvidia dominates the graphics market and Intel holds a significant share of the CPU space. However, these latest Nvidia drivers are a step in the right direction.

Although the 5% performance uplift offered by the driver update is a modest improvement, it is still a welcomed enhancement for Starfield players. As Burnes acknowledges, further optimizations will likely be needed to increase average fps in the game, whether through Bethesda, Nvidia, or the modding community.

In the meantime, players can take advantage of the latest Nvidia driver update to enable Resizable BAR support and improve Starfield's performance on PC. Despite the optimization issues, Starfield continues to offer a smooth gameplay experience and captivate audiences with its rich content. So don't let the performance concerns deter you from experiencing this grand science fiction RPG.


– Blog post by Andrew Burnes, Nvidia spokesperson