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Resolution Games Announces Port of Demeo to Apple Vision Pro

Resolution Games has made an exciting announcement for gamers eagerly awaiting the release of the Apple Vision Pro headset. The studio revealed that it will be porting its popular VR/AR game Demeo to the Vision Pro, making it the first mixed-reality game to be available for the headset.

Demeo, which was originally released for the Oculus Quest in May 2021, is a role-playing game with elements of strategy similar to Magic: The Gathering. Players navigate a virtual tabletop, rolling dice and battling enemies with their deck of cards, in an effort to reach the catacombs at the end and defeat the boss.

Resolution Games has already made Demeo available on other platforms, including the PlayStation VR2 and headsets with passthrough cameras like the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro. These versions of the game incorporate augmented reality, allowing players to virtually place the game board on the floor or a real table.

The studio recently released its Mixed Reality 2.0 update, which introduced hand-tracking support and a feature called “co-location” that ensures each player sees AR objects in the same position on their respective headsets. These features will be crucial for the Apple Vision Pro, as it relies on hand-tracking and is strictly a mixed-reality device with no native VR mode.

Resolution Games also revealed that they have developed a software-generated VR mode for Demeo on the Vision Pro, which doesn't utilize the headset's passthrough cameras. This innovative technique could potentially allow other developers to port VR games to the AR-only system, opening up new possibilities for gaming on the Vision Pro.

While the studio did not provide a specific release date for the port of Demeo, gamers can look forward to experiencing the game in mixed-reality mode on the Apple Vision Pro when it becomes available in early 2024.

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