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Resolution Games to Bring Mixed Reality Game Demeo to Apple Vision Pro

Resolution Games announced that it will be porting its popular VR/AR game, Demeo, to the Apple Vision Pro headset. While the Vision Pro was showcased as a virtual monitor during Apple's demo, it lacked support for augmented reality gaming. However, with the addition of Demeo, the Vision Pro will now offer mixed reality gaming experiences.

Demeo, which was originally released for the Oculus Quest and later ported to PlayStation VR2, is a role-playing game set on a virtual tabletop. Players navigate through the game by rolling dice and using cards to encounter and defeat enemies. The goal is to reach the catacombs at the end of the board and defeat the boss.

Resolution Games has been actively adding features to enhance the game's mixed reality experience. They have incorporated AR support for headsets with passthrough cameras, allowing players to place the virtual game board on a real table or floor. They have also introduced hand-tracking and “co-location,” which ensures that each player has a realistic view of the game elements on the table.

While the Vision Pro relies primarily on hand-tracking for its functions and does not have a native VR mode, Resolution Games has found a way to enable a software-generated VR mode for Demeo. This opens up the possibility for other developers to port VR games to the AR-only system.

According to Paul Brady, Resolution Games cofounder and President, the true magic of mixed reality lies in the interaction between the real and virtual worlds, with the human hand playing a crucial role: “We're quickly entering into an era where your body is a far more effective controller than a handheld piece of plastic could ever be.”

The release date for Demeo on the Vision Pro is yet to be announced, and it is unclear if it will be available when the headset launches in early 2024.

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