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Retro Gaming Fans on Xbox Face Suspensions for Using Retail Mode Emulators

Retro gaming enthusiasts on Xbox are facing potential suspensions as a result of using retail mode emulators. Users have reported that Microsoft is imposing 15-day suspensions on individuals caught using emulators in this mode.

Twitter user @HikikomoriMedia highlighted the issue, sharing that developers are warning gamers to immediately delete any emulators from their retail mode consoles to avoid temporary bans. The retail mode team is also disbanding and shutting down their Patreon.

The group UWeaPonsStore, which initially discovered the loophole allowing for emulation, apologized to those who were suspended and assured them that the bans would be temporary. They emphasized that they are not willing to risk the accounts and consoles of their community moving forward.

If you have previously used UWeaPonsStore's emulation workaround, it is strongly advised that you remove any emulators from your console to avoid potential consequences. This news is likely to attract significant attention and discussion among retro gaming fans.

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