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Riot Games Announces Removal of Mythic Items in League of Legends

In a recent Dev Update, Riot Games shared their plans for Season 2024 of League of Legends, including several major changes to the game. One of the most significant adjustments is the complete removal of Mythic Items.

Mythic Items have been a controversial aspect of the game, as they restrict players to using only one Mythic item per champion, limiting build variety and stifling creativity. Riot Games has acknowledged the community's concerns and attempted various changes to address them, but these attempts have not been successful.

League of Legends Game Director, Pu Lui, stated that the Mythic Items system failed to meet the expectations and needs of champions from different classes and roles. While it worked for some champions, it left others without suitable items to build their character effectively. This disparity led to players feeling their creativity was being curtailed.

Beginning in January 2023, Riot Games will remove the Mythic item tier from League of Legends. However, they will make adjustments to current Mythics that are well-liked by players to ensure these items remain exciting options. The removal of Mythic Items will allow players to once again experiment with classic item combinations, such as Infinity Edge and Trinity Force.

Riot Games promised a full reveal of all the preseason changes in the near future, with a detailed section focusing on the items. Players eagerly await further information on how these adjustments will impact the game and its competitive scene.

– Riot Games Dev Update – Preseason & Ranked Changes