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Riot Games Reveals Plans for Valorant Challengers and Tier 2 Ecosystem

Riot Games and the Valorant esports division have shared their plans and vision for Valorant Challengers and the path to going pro in a recent blog post. The global head of Valorant esports, Leo Faria, discussed the changes that will be implemented to the Valorant Tier 2 ecosystem and the integration of the Premier system into the Challengers scene.

Faria emphasized the importance of creating an accessible esports environment that welcomes all participants and provides a clear pathway to becoming a professional player. Riot Games sees Challengers as a stepping stone where players can refine their skills for the next level, rather than a final destination.

In 2024, Riot Games plans to make several changes to the Valorant Challengers system. Firstly, instead of the leagues running from January to June, Challengers will be a year-round event. Additionally, the Challengers Ascension tournament will be moved to September after Champions, allowing it to have its own moment in the spotlight.

Another significant change is the concept of player mobility. Riot Games will introduce a player loan system, allowing teams in the International Leagues to establish affiliate relationships with Challenger League teams. This will enable more free movement of players between teams and provide resources to support the development of Tier 2 players.

Furthermore, Premier teams will now have the opportunity to qualify for the Challengers circuit. Riot Games aims to integrate the Premier system with Tier 2, creating further opportunities for teams and players to shine.

Leo Faria and Riot Games are committed to ensuring the long-term success of the Tier 2 ecosystem in Valorant esports. More details about the plans for regional leagues will be revealed in the coming months, as Riot Games embraces a continuous improvement mindset.

Overall, the changes announced by Riot Games demonstrate their dedication to fostering a thriving competitive scene in Valorant and providing players with opportunities to advance their careers in esports.