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Riot reveals the new Neo PAX skin for League of Legends

Some League of Legends skins are considered to be truly valuable and unique because they are no longer obtainable and cannot be purchased in the store or obtained from loot boxes. When it comes to the rarest skins in LoL, many people think of Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, Young Ryze, or King Rammus. Among the collector's cosmetic additions are also the original PAX skins.

After years, Riot introduced a refresh of the PAX skin series by releasing the Neo PAX version, which was made available for Sivir. It was only a matter of time before this version would be released for other champions with skins from this universe. Now, the creators have revealed the appearance of Neo PAX Jax, which will be free for a certain group of players.

As some players may already know, Jax will be getting an update, which means he will have a new in-game model and updated splash art. Alongside the release of these new visuals, Riot has prepared an additional skin for fans, namely Neo PAX, which was originally released in March 2010.

It has been announced that Neo PAX Jax will be free for players who already own the previous version of this skin. Therefore, owners of the original PAX Jax will receive Neo Pax for free.

This new update and addition to the PAX skin series has generated excitement among League of Legends players and collectors. It provides an opportunity for players to acquire a highly sought-after skin without having to rely on luck or rarity.

Overall, the release of Neo PAX Jax is a great move from Riot Games to engage with their dedicated player base and show appreciation to those who have been supporting the game for a long time.

– League of Legends official website