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Roblox Adopt Me! Introduces New Pets and Trading System Changes

The popular virtual game Roblox Adopt Me! continues to dominate the metaverse, attracting a staggering 34.2 billion visits to date. One of the main reasons for its rapid success is the regular release of new pets and updates, keeping players engaged and excited. In addition, special event challenges offer exclusive pets and other in-game rewards.

Trading has always played a vital role in the Adopt Me! community, allowing players to acquire items they missed out on during events. The latest update not only introduces two new pets, but also brings improvements to the trading system and interface.

The trading changes include quick replies in the chat box, where players can use emojis to send automated messages. Additionally, players can now customize their trading preferences by accessing the in-game settings and selecting options such as “Partner Only,” “System Only,” “Quick Replies,” or “None” for the chat box.

Another notable addition is the backpack search indicator, represented by three dots in the trade box. This indicator lets both the buyer and seller know if the trading partner is browsing through their inventory. Furthermore, a trade chat indicator has been implemented, allowing players to see if their trading partner is typing.

To enhance the trading experience, new icons, or emotes, have been introduced. A smiling face icon appears when trading with in-game friends, a dark star signifies trading with an influencer, and a flying butterfly icon represents trading with the developers of Adopt Me!.

Additionally, players now have the ability to spectate trade deals made by other players on the server. By clicking on an avatar engaged in a trade and selecting the “Spectate Trade” button, spectators can observe the transaction. They can even use emotes to interact with the trading players.

In terms of pets, the latest update introduces an uncommon Eel and an ultra-rare Pelican. Those interested in acquiring the Eel can find it at the nursery, displayed on a stand. To add the uncommon pet to their inventory, players need to spend 1000 Bucks, the in-game currency. Alternatively, the Pelican pet can be obtained by spending 300 Robux. Players can expect more pets to be released in future updates.

Roblox Adopt Me! continues to captivate players with its constant updates, new pets, and improved trading system. With the changes, players can enjoy a smoother trading experience and expand their pet collection in the virtual world.

– Ritoban “Veloxi” Paul (editor at Sportskeeda)