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Roblox CEO Envisions AI-Powered 3D Creation Through Text Prompts

During Roblox's Q2 2023 earnings call, CEO David Baszucki expressed his vision for the future of 3D creation on the platform. He believes that Roblox's generative AI systems could someday resemble the technology seen on the TV show Westworld. Baszucki mentioned that AI could assist developers in creating avatars and clothing items through text prompts. The goal is to enable anyone to build their own virtual items solely by describing them, with the creations coming to life in real-time.

Baszucki compared this concept to the 3D creation process depicted in Westworld, where characters engage in text-based interactions to generate objects. Although potentially a dystopian metaphor, considering the nature of the show, Baszucki believes that this approach would provide users with greater accessibility and accelerate the development of high-quality content on Roblox.

Roblox is a platform that empowers users to build games, experiences, and avatar items. It offers various ways for creators to monetize their creations. By introducing AI-powered generative systems through text prompts, individuals without coding or design skills would have an easier pathway to create and sell their virtual assets on the platform.

This vision aligns with Roblox's previous steps towards generative AI. In February, the company announced two tests: one to generate materials for in-game assets by describing them in a text box, and another to have generative AI write code. These initiatives paved the way for more advanced AI-assisted creation tools that could enhance the diversity and dynamism of experiences on Roblox.

Baszucki concluded his remarks by suggesting that AI-assisted creation could lead to personalized and immersive 3D experiences tailored to each individual player. While he provided a vague response regarding Roblox expanding to new platforms like PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, Baszucki expressed a belief that immersive, 3D content should be available on every platform. Further updates on these topics may be expected during Baszucki's appearance at the Code event in September.