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Roblox Developer Arrested After Altercation with Police at Community Conference

An independent developer for the kids-friendly game platform Roblox, known as a “metaverse,” was arrested during the company's community developer conference. The developer, McKale Olson, who goes by Simbuilder in the Roblox community, was accused of fighting with police outside the event. The police later discovered a concealed firearm, armor-piercing ammunition, and a large-capacity magazine in Olson's car.

Olson, also known for creating the popular Roblox “experience” called Vehicle Simulator, was attending the annual Roblox Developers Conference. The event brings together developers from the Roblox community, and Olson was expected to participate in the conference.

The U.S. State Park Police in San Francisco responded to a “security concern” related to the conference and arrived at the scene to investigate. They later encountered an individual, believed to be Olson, allegedly engaging in a physical altercation with officers in the parking lot. A video posted online shows multiple officers dealing with the situation.

Roblox canceled its Innovation Awards, originally scheduled for Saturday evening, citing a “potential security concern.” The company stated that this was not how they intended for the conference to end.

Following the arrest, Olson was charged with four offenses, including possession of two firearms in an unattended vehicle, possession of a concealed firearm, possession of a large-capacity magazine, and possession of armor-piercing ammunition. California has strict laws against high-capacity magazines, but Olson's place of residence, Tucson, Arizona, has fewer restrictions in that regard.

The precise intentions behind Olson's possession of the concealed weapons and ammunition remain unclear. Roblox has not yet provided an official statement regarding the incident.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle