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Roblox Expands Marketplace for Users to Create and Sell 3D Goods

Roblox, the popular kids gaming platform, is now allowing a wider range of users to create and sell different types of digital goods. Previously, users were limited to selling 2D goods like virtual clothing, but with the new update, subscribers to Roblox's upper-tier premium plans will be able to create and sell 3D goods as well. This move is expected to increase engagement and attract more users to the platform.

Roblox went public in 2021 and initially experienced rapid revenue growth. However, in the latest quarter, the company's revenue growth has slowed to 15% year over year, down from over 100% in previous periods. The new update is part of Roblox's plan to boost revenue and regain investor confidence.

With the ability to create and sell 3D goods, the company hopes to attract paid subscribers who are willing to spend money on these features. Users will have to pay a fee of 750 Robux to upload 3D accessories and clothing to the marketplace, but they can submit their custom 3D bodies and heads for digital avatars for free. Developers who build custom games on Roblox will also have access to new coding tools that can enhance the interactive experiences for users.

In addition to the marketplace update, Roblox is introducing subscription-based services for developers. These tools will allow developers to generate recurring revenue from their biggest fans. Subscriptions can offer benefits such as exclusive virtual items and will be priced by the developers themselves, with Roblox charging a 30% platform fee for the subscriptions.

To enhance user experience, Roblox is debuting a digital assistant that will help users create content in the online universe. The assistant will use a conversational approach, making it easier for users to build and customize their creations. Roblox's app will also be available to users of the Meta Quest virtual reality headset this month, expanding the platform's reach even further.

Overall, these updates aim to revitalize revenue growth and engage a broader audience on the Roblox platform.

– Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki on Q2 results.
– Getty Images.