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Roblox Introduces Roblox Connect: A Video Chat Feature

Roblox, the popular app with over 65 million daily active users, has announced a new feature called Roblox Connect. This video chat feature, set to launch later this year, allows users to chat with others using their Roblox avatars, with the avatars mimicking real-life facial movements. The video call takes place in a shared virtual space, such as a campsite or a dock, where users can run around and interact.

Roblox is already known as a social app that offers text and voice chat features, making the addition of video chat a natural progression. The feature also showcases Roblox's facial animation capabilities. Roblox Connect will likely be used for interviews at the in-Roblox career center and will support real names.

Roblox Coming to PlayStation

Roblox, the popular social and gaming app, is finally expanding its platform to include PlayStation. During the Roblox Developers Conference, it was announced that Roblox will be available on PS4 and PS5 starting in October. This expansion fills a notable gap in Roblox's lineup, as the app is already available on platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox. The move to PlayStation has been hinted at in job listings and mentioned by CEO David Baszucki on an earnings call.

Roblox Introduces Roblox Assistant: AI-Powered Creator Tool

Roblox has introduced a conversational AI assistant called the Roblox Assistant at its Developers Conference. This tool aims to help creators build virtual experiences more easily by utilizing generative AI. The Roblox Assistant allows creators to type prompts to generate virtual environments, adding elements such as architecture, campfires, and trees. This tool enhances the efficiency of the creative process, allowing creators to quickly bring their ideas to life using pre-existing assets from the Roblox marketplace or their own visual asset library.

Creators on Roblox's Marketplace to Keep 100% of Revenue

In an announcement at the Roblox Developers Conference, Roblox revealed that creators who sell assets and tools on the Creator Marketplace will be able to keep 100% of the revenue from their sales, with the exception of taxes and payment processing fees. This change, effective next year, applies specifically to sales made on the Creator Marketplace, which is dedicated to creators selling to fellow creators.

Users on Roblox Can Sell Custom Avatar Parts

Roblox has announced that users will soon be able to sell custom avatar bodies and standalone heads. This new line of user-generated content (UGC) is aimed at helping users build businesses on Roblox and potentially deter them from creating content for competing metaverse platforms like Meta's Horizon Worlds and Epic Games' Fortnite. Some restrictions apply, such as adherence to community standards and marketplace policies, as well as passing proactive checks against Roblox's intellectual property. The sellable avatar parts must also meet size requirements to ensure proper functionality across different experiences.

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