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Sabrent Launches 8TB SSD with Optimized Heatsink for PlayStation 5

Sabrent has unveiled a groundbreaking solid-state drive (SSD) that is set to impress PlayStation 5 (PS5) users. The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 8TB SSD not only offers the largest internal storage capacity available for the PS5 but also includes a specially designed heatsink for optimum cooling performance. While the M.2 drive is compatible with PCs, it has been specifically optimized for the PS5.

The Sabrent 8TB Rocket 4 Plus NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD boasts impressive features that set it apart from the competition. Thanks to its utilization of flash disk technology and a PCIe Gen4.0 x4 interface, this storage solution delivers remarkable speed. When paired with a compatible motherboard, users can achieve incredible performance speeds of up to 7100 MB/s (read) and 6600 MB/s (write). Even for those using a PCIe Gen3 motherboard, speeds of up to 3400 MB/s (read) and 3000 MB/s (write) can still be enjoyed.

Gaming sessions on the PS5 can often generate a significant amount of heat, which is where the PS5 heatsink by Sabrent becomes a valuable addition. Constructed from high-quality CNC'd aluminum, this heatsink is not only designed to maximize cooling performance but also simplifies the installation process.

What distinguishes this SSD from its competitors is its innovative approach. Rather than simply adding a heatsink on top of the SSD, Sabrent has developed a heatsink that replaces the PS5 console's cover. This revolutionary design achieves two crucial objectives. Firstly, it allows the heatsink to be cooled by the PS5's fan, leading to more stable and cooler temperatures. Secondly, it results in a larger heatsink, facilitating efficient heat transfer out of the SSD.

Sabrent's “Sandwich Design” further enhances heat dissipation by evenly distributing pressure throughout the SSD. This ensures efficient and consistent heat transfer, a feature that is not commonly found in comparable products from other brands.

While the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 8TB SSD with optimized heatsink offers exceptional performance and cooling capabilities, its only drawback is its price. Priced at $1,009.99, it exceeds the cost of an actual PlayStation 5. As a result, it is primarily targeted towards the most devoted and budget-unconstrained PS5 gamers.