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Samsung Launches Ad Campaign for Starfield Game on Samsung TV

Samsung has kicked off its advertising campaign for the highly anticipated game, Starfield. The sci-fi RPG, which features a massive open world with over a thousand different worlds, is set to launch in less than a month.

The 32-second ad video showcases impressive visuals and includes clips from the game. It concludes with the message, “Stand by for Starfield on Samsung TV. No console required.” This highlights the fact that the game can be played on Samsung TVs without the need for a console.

Samsung introduced the Gaming Hub app over a year ago, which brings together various cloud gaming services for select 2022 and newer Samsung smart TVs. One of the services included is Xbox Cloud Gaming, which will feature Starfield when it is released on September 6th on Xbox Game Pass.

What makes this even more impressive is that Starfield, with its immense size and scope, can be played on a TV with just a Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a controller. This eliminates the need for a dedicated gaming console or a powerful PC.

Samsung's ad campaign for Starfield on Samsung TV aims to generate excitement and anticipation among gamers. With the game's release just around the corner, it offers a convenient and accessible way for players to dive into the expansive sci-fi world.