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Savant: Ascent REMIX Launching on Multiple Platforms

Savant: Ascent REMIX, previously known as Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, is set to release on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Humble Store on September 15. The game will also be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in 2023.

In this action-packed adventure, players will embark on a thrilling journey through a tower infested with robots. Armed with powerful magic and acrobatic moves, players will reclaim the Alchemist's domain from hordes of mechanical fiends. The game offers unique challenges in each stage, with new enemies and formidable bosses to defeat. Players will face the Laser Sharks in the Assembly and confront the elusive Valchemist in the darkness of the Catacombs. The ultimate opponent to overcome is the Immortal Samurai.

Savant: Ascent REMIX is a twin-stick shooter with a twist. Players can jump or dash between two platforms to evade enemy attacks or position themselves for the perfect shot. Power-ups can be collected to enhance abilities, and players can fill their Power Meter to unleash explosive magic attacks. The game features different modes to cater to players' preferences. In Normal Mode, players can conquer the tower at their own pace, with checkpoints and extra lives available. Hardcore Mode offers a greater challenge by requiring players to complete all stages in one go, without checkpoints or extra lives. Survival Mode presents an intense race against the clock, with increasing enemy numbers and bosses appearing spontaneously.

Savant: Ascent REMIX provides players with a unique experience, immersing them in the fantastical world of the musical artist Savant. The game also features bonus tracks composed by Savant.

Stay tuned for more information and check out the official trailer for the PC release!