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Save Data from Lies of P Demo Is Not Transferable to Full Game

Players who were excited about the upcoming Dark Souls-inspired game, Lies of P, had the opportunity to try out a free demo earlier this summer. However, the demo has since been delisted and is no longer available for download. Those who managed to download the demo can still access and play it until the full game is released.

Many players who struggled with the demo might have hoped that their progress would carry over to the final game. Unfortunately, the developers of Lies of P confirmed that this is not the case. In a Steam news update posted in June, they stated that players will not be able to continue their adventure from where they left off in the demo. This means that any progress made in the demo will not be transferred to the full game.

The demo of Lies of P included the first two chapters of the game, which took around two to three hours to complete on average. Originally, the demo was intended to be available from June 8 to June 26. However, its popularity led to the developers extending its availability until September 5.

While some players may be disappointed that their save data from the demo cannot be transferred, they may have gained valuable skills and knowledge that can help them progress more comfortably in the initial chapters of the full game. However, this assumes that they recently played the demo and still remember what they learned from it.

It's important for players to be aware that any progress made in the demo of Lies of P will not carry over to the full game. They will have to start fresh when the game is officially released.

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  • Dark Souls-inspired: Referring to a game that takes inspiration from the challenging, atmospheric, and dark fantasy elements of the Dark Souls series.
  • Delisted: Removed from the available download options.
  • Save data: Information about the player's progress and achievements in the game that is saved and can be accessed later.
  • Transferable: Capable of being transferred or moved from one place to another.
  • Demo: A small portion of a game that is made available for players to try out before the full release.
  • Full game: The complete version of a game that is released after the demo or beta versions.