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Sea of Stars to Receive Downloadable Content, Developer Confirms

Sea of Stars, the popular retro-inspired turn-based RPG, has recently released on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Exciting news for fans of the game has surfaced, as it has been confirmed that Sea of Stars will be receiving downloadable content in the future.

Game director Thierry Boulanger, in an interview with Radio Canada, revealed that the development team at Sabotage is currently working on DLC for Sea of Stars. While a smaller team focuses on creating additional content for the game, a larger team has started working on a new project.

This announcement adds to the already high anticipation surrounding Sea of Stars. The game has garnered attention for its nostalgic gameplay and captivating storyline. With the confirmation of DLC, players can look forward to expanding their gaming experience with new adventures and content.

Sea of Stars has received positive reviews since its recent release, with praise for its engaging turn-based combat, beautiful visuals, and strong storytelling. The addition of downloadable content will only serve to enhance the overall experience and provide players with new challenges and surprises.

The physical version of Sea of Stars for the Nintendo Switch is also set to launch early next year, further adding to the game's accessibility and appeal. With a growing fanbase and promising updates on the horizon, Sea of Stars continues to capture the hearts of RPG enthusiasts worldwide.

– Sea of Stars: A retro-inspired turn-based RPG released on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.
– Downloadable Content (DLC): Additional digital content that can be downloaded to enhance a video game's features and gameplay.
– Sabotage: The developer of Sea of Stars.

Source: [Radio Canada – Interview with Thierry Boulanger on Sea of Stars](source)