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Sea of Thieves Introduces Safer Seas Mode for Solo Players in Season 10

Sea of Thieves, the popular online pirate game, is set to launch its tenth season with a new mode called Safer Seas. This addition aims to provide a more enjoyable experience for players who prefer to play solo and avoid encounters with aggressive or griefing players.

Safer Seas, as described in a recent Xbox Wire blog post, is designed to be a gentler introduction for new players and a quieter map for existing players seeking solo adventures. It allows players to focus on activities such as peaceful fishing or completing Tall Tales without the interruption of enemy players. Players can progress through all applicable commendations in this mode, offering plenty to work towards without the need to constantly watch for potential threats.

While Safer Seas provides a solitary experience, players can still team up with friends to embark on various adventures together. The mode is set to launch in December, alongside a new name for the classic way to play, which will be called High Seas.

However, there are some limitations to the Safer Seas mode. Rewards earned from completing tasks will be reduced, meaning Trading Companies will offer less gold and reputation for treasure handovers. Players will also face a rank cap of 40, preventing them from reaching the prestigious Pirate Legend status. In addition, certain features like PvP elements, including The Reaper's Bones, the Emissary system, and Faction battles, will not be available in this mode.

Season 10, starting in October, will bring other exciting updates to Sea of Thieves. Players can expect shared progression within Guilds, enabling multiple players to contribute towards unlocking rewards. In November, competitive questing will be introduced, where all players on the same server will receive the same quest, creating a race to complete it first.

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