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Secret Tech Revealed by Saishunkan|Nemo for Street Fighter 6

Saishunkan|Nemo, a prominent Japanese pro player, recently showcased some secret tech he used during his impressive run at Evo 2023. This tech involves two important mechanics in Street Fighter 6: Drive Parry and Drive Impact.

When activating Drive Parry, your character enters a parry state for eight frames, which can be extended by holding the input. However, releasing the parry leaves you with 21 frames where you can only block or get hit, unable to perform any other moves, including Drive Impact.

Nemo demonstrated that using Drive Impact against opponents who tap parry instead of holding it down can lead to a guaranteed Punish Counter or knockback. This technique is particularly effective near corner situations, where it can punish opponents and exploit their parry attempts.

Additionally, Nemo revealed that mashing Drive Impact during the 21 frames of parry release will result in your character simply standing and blocking. This could explain certain instances where players might have felt their inputs not registering correctly.

Perfect Parry becomes even more valuable when your character is cornered, as it provides a 2-frame counter maneuver. Players tend to utilize this technique when facing characters with predictable strings or mix-ups, such as Ken's target combo into overhead/low mix-up.

However, Saishunkan|Nemo mentioned that defenders can counter Drive Impact by holding parry, transitioning into Drive Rush, and then performing Drive Impact. It is a cat-and-mouse game with potential counterplay.

Nemo also discussed practical uses for this tech, especially against opponents who rely on parry as an anti-air. By revealing this secret tech, Nemo invites players to explore and incorporate it into their gameplay.

If you want to learn more about this technique, watch the full video shared by Nemo. It's an exciting addition to the arsenal of Street Fighter 6 strategies.