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Sekai Project and illuCalab to Release Alice Escaped! for PS4 and Switch

Sekai Project and illuCalab have announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions of the side-scrolling Metroidvania game Alice Escaped! on August 24. The game is currently available for wishlisting on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. Alice Escaped! was initially launched for PC via Steam on January 27.

Alice Escaped! is an exploratory 2D action Metroidvania game that follows the adventures of Usada and Kotora. These two characters have found themselves in a strange wonderland filled with grimoires and must chase after Alice, a mysterious girl, in order to return to their own world. Throughout their journey, they will encounter familiar characters such as the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and Humpty Dumpty. These characters may be friends or foes, and players must uncover their intentions.

The game features a stylish tag-team battle system, allowing players to switch between Usada and Kotora. Usada wields a giant hammer for powerful melee attacks, while Kotora uses a submachine gun and bombs for long-range combat. Players can chain impressive combos by alternating between the two characters. Defeating enemies builds up the Chance Gauge, which can be used for supporting attacks and devastating ultimate attacks.

Boss fights escalate the intensity, as players must break their shields to unleash powerful attacks. However, players must also be wary of the bosses' own powerful moves. The game offers two playable characters, two difficulty levels, and character illustrations by the talented artist PicPicGram.

In the story of Alice Escaped!, Usada and Kotora stumble upon a book in the library and discover a slip of paper that instructs them to find Alice. As soon as they read the words, they are transported into a blinding light, beginning their mysterious adventure.

Get ready to dive into the world of Alice Escaped! as it arrives on the PS4 and Switch platforms, offering thrilling action and an intriguing Metroidvania experience.