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Serial Car Thief Arrested Fourth Time, Police Seek Charges Against Parents

A 15-year-old girl from Greenfield has been arrested for grand theft auto for the fourth time, resulting in her detention in juvenile hall. The police are also requesting that prosecutors take action against her parents in truancy court.

The girl was apprehended on Monday when she was found driving on Maple Avenue in Greenfield with two friends. This marks her fourth arrest in just two months.

Greenfield police reported that in July, the girl stole three vehicles in a single week. One incident involved her stealing a car with a person inside, resulting in charges of grand theft auto and kidnapping.

According to authorities, instead of attending school, the sophomore-aged girl is engaging in unlawful activities. Justin Mattke from Greenfield police stated that she steals cars and joyrides with friends.

Investigators have discovered that the teen criminal looks for opportunities to commit crimes, particularly targeting cars that are left running and unattended.

Previously, the girl was caught and released to her parents after her arrests, spending little time in a juvenile detention center. However, probation officers have now placed a hold on her and ordered her to be held in juvenile hall. The ultimate decision of whether she will be released back to her parents or remain in custody will be made by the juvenile court judge.

As the girl frequently skips school, the police have sent a truancy citation to prosecutors, hoping that charges will be pressed against her parents for failing to ensure her attendance.

To prevent vehicle theft, the police offer the following tips: never leave your car running and unattended, always lock your car doors, park your vehicle in well-lit areas, and consider installing anti-theft devices.