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SF6: NuckleDu Reveals Guile’s Matchup Chart

NuckleDu, the renowned Guile player, has shared his matchup chart for Guile in Street Fighter 6. As a former Capcom Cup champion, his expertise and experience are invaluable in understanding Guile's strengths and weaknesses in the game.

According to NuckleDu, Guile fares well against characters like E. Honda. Guile's ability to punish and disrupt E. Honda's gameplay prevents the Sumo wrestler from fully executing his strategy. However, NuckleDu does mention that Jamie, when he reaches three or four drink levels, can pose a tougher challenge. Even so, Guile's defensive capabilities make it difficult for Jamie to catch up.

Surprisingly, Zangief proves to be a stronger opponent for Guile, with a 5.5 rating in the matchup chart. Zangief can put up a good fight against Guile compared to Manon, who struggles against him.

In matchups against top-tier characters like Ken, Cammy, Dee Jay, and Juri, Guile manages to hold his ground and maintain an even playing field. NuckleDu's experience with Guile allows him to confidently navigate these matchups.

However, there are two characters that NuckleDu admits have an advantage over Guile. One of them is JP, who out-zones Guile and utilizes Departure portals to enhance both offense and defense. This unique playstyle sets JP apart from traditional Street Fighter characters and gives him the upper hand against Guile.

For further details on NuckleDu's matchup chart and his insights on each character, you can check out his breakdown video available on TierMaker.

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