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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – A Thrilling Finale to Mimimi Games

Mimimi Games, the indie developer known for its innovation in the stealth tactics genre, closes its doors after a successful 15-year run. Their final game, Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, showcases the studio's excellence in refining the stealth formula.

In Shadow Gambit, players find themselves in a Monkey Island-esque rendition of the Caribbean, complete with talking skulls and undead pirates. The isometric perspective immerses players in a thrilling challenge of analyzing enemy patrol routes and eliminating guards while staying undetected. Each objective in the game is a puzzle that requires patience, observation, and careful timing.

The game incorporates a forgiving quick-save system that reduces the penalties for failure. Quick-saving is seamlessly integrated, allowing players to load a previous save and try again with ease. This feature is framed as the superpower of the Red Marley, the sentient pirate ship that players return to between missions.

Another staple of Mimimi Games, the planning system, makes a triumphant return in Shadow Gambit. Players can pause the game to queue up actions for each character and execute them simultaneously, allowing for rapid maneuvers and stylish gameplay.

The game offers a diverse roster of distinct characters, each with unique abilities to eliminate, distract, or reposition guards. The recruiting system allows players to choose any three characters as their crew, and each character has a bespoke side storyline. From teleporting assassins to blind, peg-legged snipers, players can assemble a team that suits their playstyle.

Shadow Gambit features meticulously designed islands that players will revisit throughout the game. Each island offers different insertion points and traversal options depending on the squad composition. Mimimi Games' dioramic level design ensures a varied and immersive experience.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is an excellent send-off for Mimimi Games, showcasing their innovative approach to the stealth tactics genre. It is a testament to their 15 years of creativity and refinement in game development.

– Mimimi Games