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Shaping the Return of EA Sports’ College Football Game Series

With a year to go until the Syracuse Orange return to the virtual gridiron, fans and developers are already looking forward to the revival of EA Sports' College Football video game series. EA Sports has reached out to schools to gather feedback on rivalry games, according to reports.

One of the most anticipated rivalries for Syracuse is the Schwartzwalder Trophy against West Virginia. While the two schools currently don't belong to the same conference, previous iterations of the game allowed users to edit schedules and conferences, making it possible for Orange fans to relive this historic rivalry.

Beyond the Schwartzwalder Trophy, there is the potential for another rivalry trophy game. However, it's important to note that the OrangeEagle Trophy is the intellectual property of Sean Keeley and any decisions regarding its inclusion would be up to him. Some fans have suggested the idea of having Chris Fowler introduce each Syracuse-Boston College matchup as “The winner takes possession of the Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician OrangeEagle Trophy.”

There are also debates about what trophy could represent Syracuse's current rivals. For instance, the games between Syracuse and Pitt have seen their fair share of memorable moments. Could this rivalry be honored with a trophy, such as the “Brown-Dorsett Trophy” or the “Marino-McNabb Trophy”? Similarly, fans have discussed the idea of playing Wake Forest for the “Demon Orange Bowl” or challenging Virginia for “The Wegmans Silver Spatula.”

The return of EA Sports' College Football video game series presents an opportunity for fans to have a say in the inclusion of rivalries and trophy games. With a year of development ahead, the anticipation grows as fans eagerly await the chance to shape the future of this beloved game.