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Shiny Litwick Encounter in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Ends in Tragic Loss for Player

In the world of Pokemon, one of the most sought-after achievements for trainers is finding and capturing shiny Pokemon. These unique, differently-colored creatures are highly coveted and are often the main focus of end-game activities. Shiny hunting requires strategy and patience, but sometimes unexpected outcomes can lead to devastating losses.

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player recently had a heartbreaking encounter with a shiny Litwick. Litwick, a ghost and fire type Pokemon, is known for its candle-like appearance. This particular player was in The Teal Mask DLC when they stumbled upon the shiny Litwick. However, their excitement quickly turned to shock and disappointment when the Litwick unexpectedly used a move called Memento.

Memento is a dark-type move that causes the user to faint while also lowering the target's Attack and Special Attack stats. This self-sacrificing move can be devastating for the user, but it is a well-known technique that some Pokemon are capable of learning. Unfortunately, the player had forgotten to save their game before encountering the Litwick, resulting in the loss of the shiny Pokemon.

The player shared their experience on Reddit as a public service announcement to other trainers. They emphasized the importance of saving the game before encountering potentially tricky or rare Pokemon. In this case, the player was fully aware that Litwick could learn Memento but had hoped to avoid it by putting the Litwick to sleep with Hypnosis. However, luck was not on their side as the Ghost-type woke up and used Memento, leading to their defeat.

It's worth noting that Litwick has been able to learn Memento since its debut in the Unova region. However, in The Teal Mask DLC, the overworld spawns of Litwick are high level, resulting in a higher likelihood of encountering a Litwick that already knows Memento. Other Pokemon, such as Poltchageist, Starly, Jumpluff, Skuntank, and Hoppip, are also capable of learning self-fainting moves.

Trainers participating in shiny hunts for these Pokemon in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC should take note of this cautionary tale and remember to save their game before any potentially risky encounters. Additionally, using moves like Taunt can be helpful in forcing these Pokemon to use offensive moves instead of self-fainting ones. The journey to catching shiny Pokemon is full of excitement and surprises, but it's important to always be prepared and conscious of the risks involved.

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