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Should I Free the Dung Eater in Elden Ring? An In-Depth Guide

The short answer is no, you should not free the Dung Eater from his prison cell in Elden Ring. As a deranged serial killer, freeing this NPC leads to sinister consequences across the Lands Between. However, if you‘re determined to see his obscure questline through, this guide will walk you through exactly where to find the Dung Eater after releasing him.

Who is the Loathsome Dung Eater?

Before deciding whether or not to free this unsettling character, let‘s first understand who the Dung Eater really is in Elden Ring‘s lore.

A Ruthless Defiler Obsessed with Spreading Curses

The Dung Eater is a Tarnished locked in the Roundtable Hold for his unspeakable crimes. His primary goal is to defile as many corpses as possible by seeding them with cursed growths known as Seedbed Curses. These tumors spread his unique curse, called the Fell Curse or Dung Eater‘s Curse, which gradually turns people into wretched Omen creatures.

His Motivation is to Curse All Life in the Lands Between

As all Tarnished seek power from the Elden Ring, the Dung Eater wants to use its power to curse all living beings, leading to a dreadful fate for everyone in the Lands Between. He is completely remorseless and even gloats about his horrendous acts.

By Far One of the Most Depraved and Disturbing Characters

The Dung Eater displays some of the most abhorrent, sociopathic behavior in Elden Ring. From his vile dialogue to his horrific means of spreading suffering, he is easily among the most unsettling and evil NPCs FromSoft has ever created.

Progressing the Dung Eater Questline

Should curiosity get the better of you, here is how to progress through the Dung Eater‘s ominous questline:

Step 1: Speak to Him in Roundtable Hold

You‘ll first meet the Dung Eater locked away in the Roundtable Hold. His room is at the back left of the main hall, only accessible later in the game.

Step 2: Find Seedbed Curses Across the Lands Between

Next, you need to collect at least one Seedbed Curse. These are found on dead bodies tucked away in dungeons like the Sealed Tunnel and Abandoned Cave.

Step 3: Give the Curse to Dung Eater

Return to the Dung Eater and give him the Seedbed Curse. He‘ll reward you with the Sewer Gaol Key.

Step 4: Travel to the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

This key provides access to the Dung Eater‘s physical body locked up in a secret sewer dungeon beneath the capital Leyndell.

Step 5: Set the Dung Eater Free

Find the Dung Eater in a cell and free him to complete his quest. But this comes with grim consequences…

Where to Find Dung Eater After Freeing Him

Once freed from his prison, the Dung Eater promptly murders the nearby NPC Boggart. He then reveals his plan to continue defiling corpses and spreading curses across the realm. So where does he disappear to after being released?

Return to the Leyndell Capital Sewers

After freeing him, the Dung Eater flees back to the underground sewer system beneath Leyndell.

Reach the "Underground Roadside" Site of Grace

To find him again, travel back through the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds dungeon. Exit at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace.

Drop Down Into the Sewer Pipe

Exit the room at this site of grace and turn left. Look for the large open pipe and drop down to enter the sewer path.

Follow the Sewer to the Dung Eater

Go along the sewer tunnel until you come across the Dung Eater once more. Interact with him here to summon his sign for certain boss fights.

Is Freeing Dung Eater Worth it?

So is freeing the Dung Eater ultimately worth it? Let‘s weigh the pros and cons:


  • Can summon him as a combat ally for tough boss battles like Fire Giant
  • His armor set can be looted after defeating him as a sewer invader
  • Unlocks the Fell Curse ending if doing his full questline
  • Cons

  • He murders the innocent NPC Boggart
  • Allows him to continue defiling corpses and cursing people
  • The Fell Curse ending severely harms the Lands Between
  • He is a highly disturbing and morally bankrupt character
  • On balance, the costs seem to far outweigh the benefits of freeing the reprehensible Dung Eater. Proceed carefully.

    While this guide covers how to find Dung Eater after release, freeing him may do more harm than good for your Elden Ring world. He is an unsettling yet fascinating NPC, but treading the path of the Dung Eater leads only to a foul fate for the Lands Between. Choose wisely, my Tarnished friend.