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Simpsons: Hit & Run Remake in Unreal Engine 5

There have been several video game adaptations of The Simpsons, with varying levels of success. However, one game that continues to be talked about is Simpsons: Hit & Run, an open world adventure that parodied GTA. Now, a developer named reubs has recreated Hit & Run entirely in Unreal Engine 5.

The remake took a year to complete, and while it won't be available for public download, the developer has shared the first 30 minutes of gameplay. The new graphics and cutscenes showcase the game's updated visuals while maintaining the charm of the 2003 original.

Although fans of the original game might be disappointed that they can't play the remake, the complexities of obtaining approval from Disney, which now owns the Simpsons franchise, make an official remake difficult. However, Simpsons writer and showrunner Matt Selman has expressed interest in a remake and acknowledges the challenges of navigating the corporate landscape.

While reubs' proof-of-concept is as close as we'll likely get to a modern version of Simpsons: Hit & Run, it serves as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who played the original game.