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SNK Announces Duo Lon as Final DLC Character for KOF15 Season 2

SNK, the developers of The King of Fighters 15, made some exciting announcements during the Evo 2023 mainstage event. They revealed that Duo Lon will be one of the final two DLC characters for KOF15 Season 2. Additionally, they provided the release date for Najd, another DLC character.

Although the trailer showcased Duo Lon's character introduction and victory pose, it did not include any gameplay footage. Fans will have to wait until this Fall to experience Duo Lon's gameplay firsthand.

In addition to the new character releases, SNK also confirmed that a balance update will be implemented along with Duo Lon's arrival. This means that players can expect further changes and adjustments in the upcoming months.

The release date for Najd, the other DLC character, is set for August 8, just a few days away. Meanwhile, fans can watch the trailer for Duo Lon's reveal in KOF15 to get a glimpse of what is to come.

Overall, SNK's announcements at Evo 2023 have generated excitement for the future of The King of Fighters 15. Players can look forward to the addition of new characters and a balance update, which will enhance their gameplay experience.