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Sony Announces Price Hike for PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

Sony recently made an announcement stating that it will be increasing the annual subscription fee for PlayStation Plus. This news has created some mixed reactions among gamers. Starting from September 6th, Malaysian users will have to pay up to RM151 more for their yearly PlayStation Plus subscription.

All three tiers of the service's annual subscription will be affected by this price hike. Previously, the subscription fees were as follows:

– PlayStation Plus Essential: RM159
– PlayStation Plus Extra: RM269
– PlayStation Plus Deluxe: RM309

With the revised pricing, each tier will see an increase of almost 50%. The new fees are as follows:

– PlayStation Plus Essential: RM235
– PlayStation Plus Extra: RM400
– PlayStation Plus Deluxe: RM460

Despite the increase in price, opting for the yearly subscription will still be more cost-effective than choosing the monthly or three-month plans. Gamers who are currently subscribed to the yearly plan will not be subject to the new pricing until their next renewal date or after November 6th. However, it is important to note that any changes made to the subscription plan after September 6th will be updated with the new fee.

For those who are unfamiliar with PlayStation Plus, it is a subscription service that offers various benefits to gamers. Some of the features include online multiplayer capabilities on PlayStation consoles, a rotating selection of free games each month, cloud syncing for saved game data, and access to a catalog of older titles.

While the price increase may not be welcomed by all gamers, Sony emphasizes the additional value provided through PlayStation Plus. The service continues to evolve and offer a wide range of benefits to enhance the gaming experience for its users.

– Sony PlayStation Blog